Circular LED Touch Lamp

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Multi Purpose

  • BEDROOM: This Circular LED Touch Lamp fits great on a nightstand to serve as a super bright reading light. (1330 lumens, equal to 100W incandescent).
    • Use the built in touch switch dimmer to dim to 50% or 30% so you have a night light.
  • DECORATIVE: This luxurious LED lamp looks great with urban, modern and "light-touch" decor. Feature it in main or guest bedrooms, dorms, or office.

  • ENERGY SAVER: Includes a 12 Watt power saving integrated LED light so that you can save energy. Its 3,000K yellow light is easy super soft on the eyes.


  • VIDEO CREATION: Unique circular design helps provide light to all areas from different angles. Instantly upgrade the quality of your videos with a simple touch of a button!
    • USB Port allows you to charge phones, tablets etc and wake up to a full battery
    • LED technology outlasts halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) or incandescent bulbs


Who Wants A Hot Pillow, Not You!

  • NO HEAT: Since this one of a kind lamp uses built-in LEDs, and LEDs do not produce heat, you can stay comfy in bed. 
    • Won't heat up the room or bed side area, even after hours of use.


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