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This one of a kind Smart Thermos features an integrated OLED display. On this nifty screen, you'll always be able to see whether the content of your bottle is hot, warm, or cold. The next time you bring along a hot drink to your office or on a hike you can confidently take a sip. Burning your lips and tongue on hot liquids will be an issue of the past with this Smart Thermos!

  • The bottle itself holds up to 500ml.
  • Crafted out of food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • You can see the water temperature at any time from the LED display
    • Drink your favorite beverage at the proper temperature.

When the cap is placed on your bottle, it will automatically vacuum itself closed. Due to this, the contents in your bottle stays fresh throughout the entire day. . Whether you use it while camping or at work- this smart bottle is here to stimulate a healthy lifestyle.


Capacity: 500ml
Dimension: Diameter 6.5* high 23CM
Charge time: Charging for 4 hours, battery life for 30 days
Material: Food-grade 304 stainless steel+ABS+Silicone
Heat Resistance Temperature: 0℃—99℃
Waterproof level: IPX7

Package Includes:
1 * 500ml Smart water bottle
1 * Wireless Charging Base


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